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8 Steps to live a Life without Stress

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About Camila Pearl: Cand. mag. in the language of psychology, stress expert, author, speaker and has a deep sharp knowledge about personal development from the Department of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen and several programs and courses from Denmark and the United States. Independent stress coach and inspiration mentor since 2009. Owner of the company Flow Life Mentor.

In the summer of 2007 Camila Pearl went down with stress. Camila worked full time in a company in an administrative position. In the job she did not use her university degree in psychology and communications. She got more and more stressed. This was the start of Camila Pearl´s profession today as stress expert. Camila´s job is to help people affected by stress to once again live a life in balance, meaningfulness and with a smile every day.

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 "Camila Pearl is trained by one of the most successful leaders in personal growth in the world, Brendon Burchard."




 "Far more than we can see is affected by stress or on the way to becoming so. Few people have the delicate combination of expertise, deep human understanding and empathy as Camila Pearl. In my work with experts in many countries, Camila is one of them, I can recommend warmly. Her insight and guidance can change your life, and give both inner peace and mental and physical energy. "

Steinar Ditlefsen - Transformational Teacher

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Book by Camila Pearl

Stress Less! Your 15-Step Blueprint to Healthier Living

is your gateway to freedom. Author Camila Pearl briliantly gifts her readers with tools and strategies about how to conquer and eliminate stress: for good.

This book delivers and eye-opening blueprint inviting you to change mindset and daily routines with a new awareness of the choices available to us anytime to de-toxify our mind and body from the widespread dis-ease of stress. It is essential that we recognize the importance of reducing it´s powerful imprint and take steps to change our habits and patterns.

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The Topics that I cover are all related to Stress, Physical and Mental balance, Growth, Limiting Beliefs, Carreer, Motivation and High Performance