About Camila Pearl


In the summer of 2007, Camila Pearl went down with stress.

Camila worked full time in a company in an administrative position. In the job she did not use her university degree in psychology and communications. She got more and more stressed. This was the start of Camila Pearl´s profession today as stress expert. Camila´s job is to help people affected by stress to once again live a life in balance, meaningfulness and with a smile every day.

About Camila Pearl: Stress expert, author, speaker and has a deep sharp knowledge about personal development from the Department of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen and several programs and courses from Denmark and the United States. Independent stress coach and inspiration mentor since 2008. Owner of the company Flow Life Mentor. Certified High Perfomance Coach from the USA.

Camila has an eminently good experience to unlock the hearts of people in a very short time, so they get a direct contact to themselves again. Many have let go of this contact, when they were children or adolescents and has lived for many years on the surface, a life lived outside and not inside. It is often a painful and frustrating life to live that does not bring smile on your face every day, because the inner voice can not be heard anymore and therefore it has become customary to ignore stress signals and own needs.